Morganwood Youth Camp

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Get Involved
Any Time of Year!

  • Be a Counselor
    Be a Counselor
  • Volunteer to Lead Worship
    Volunteer to Lead Worship
  • Help with worship services!
    Help with worship services!
  • Help in the Kitchen
    Help in the Kitchen
  • Get Your Hands Dirty
    Get Your Hands Dirty
  • Raise the Roof!
    Raise the Roof!
  • Just Help Out! before, during, or after camp.
    Just Help Out! before, during, or after camp.

There are many opportunities to get involved in the ministry of Morganwood Youth Camp during the camp season and in the off-season. See below for more information.

Off-Season Opportunities

Camps need maintenance and ours is no different.  We seek volunteers who are eager to help us in this regard!  Please contact Rev. Dennis Kizzire (662-213-0231) to see where you can help.

Adopt a Project

Looking for a mission trip for your church men’s, women’s, or youth group? Looking to stay local to the Tupelo, MS area? Love Morganwood Youth Camp? What if we told you that your ministry could adopt a project or multiple projects to help us prepare for the upcoming camp season. These are jobs volunteers can do without professional skill levels.

See below for our standing to-do list:
(Print a Flyer)

Projects Ministries and Groups Can Adopt:

    1.    Deep Cleaning of The Atwell Building (Ideally in May)
               (Includes Dusting, Vacuuming, Sweeping, & Mopping Floors
               Cleaning and organizing classrooms. Removing Broken Chairs. Fully Cleaning &                Stocking Bathrooms.)
    2.    Deep Cleaning of the Camp House (Ideally in May)
               (Similar to Main Building. – Will need to be done after repairs are completed)
    3.    Pressure Wash and Stain all Fences (Any time before Camp)
               (Includes Camp House Deck, Pines Sign, Sidewalk fences, Pool Privacy Fence).
    4.    Repair, Pressure Wash, and Stain Atwell Deck (Any time before Camp)
               (Some Boards will need to be replaced.)
    5.    Clean Pavilion Area, Picnic Tables, Repair and Organize Pavilion Game Tables
               (May include pressure washing, removing pine straw, clean and organize the game 
               equipment room, minor repairs on recreational equipment, possibly repaint the 
               foursquare game).
    6.    Inspect and Repair Human Foosball and Other Outdoor Recreational 
               (Netting is weathered, some of the bars have been bent. Look over the Ark Playset, 
               and 9 Square Game, etc. to ensure they are ready for the season.)
    7.   Prepare the Campfire Area for the Season
               (Clear Trail and Congregational area of leaves, Repair Benches, Spray 
               Herbicide/Pesticides, repair/report danger areas).
    8.   Repair/Pressure Wash Exterior of All Buildings - The Vinyl siding could use                       some TLC on the dorms.
    9.   Small Grounds Projects 
               (Spraying Herbicide, Treating for Fire Ants, Filling in Holes)
    10. Large Grounds Projects
              (Bush-hogging/Bulldozing areas overgrown by unwanted brush).
    11. Exterior Painting of the Camp House
    12. Stain Fencing Around Campus
    13. Maintenance Work on Ceiling Tiles in Classrooms
    14. Counter Trimming and Dry Wall Repair In Dorms
              (There is a hole or two in the wall of the Boys Dorm that needs repaired and a 
              handicap accessible sink that needs some cosmetic repair.)
    15. Interior Painting in Both Dorms 
      (This one will have to wait until Late Summer or even Fall after our camps and rental 
              camps are finished but we are putting it out there for those long-term planners).

  1. Are You a Professional Interested in a Service Project:
    Contact Bro Dennis Kizzire (662-213-0231). There just might be a place we could use you.

Camp Season Opportunities

Student Counselor:
Morganwood Free Will Baptist Youth Camp offers the opportunity for spiritually and mentally responsible teenagers to serve as counselors during the camp season. Morganwood’s CIT program seeks to give young leaders a chance to further develop their leadership skills as well as aid in the ministry of Morganwood Free Will Baptist Youth Camp. 


A training session for all applicants and other workers is held each March or May to communicate expectations and responsibilities to those who would be workers during camp. All applicants MUST attend the training session March or May (See dates below). This is also the time that student applicants are interviewed by the camp board. Not all applicants will necessarily serve as student counselors, but those who do not attend the training session will not be considered.
Requirements for CIT Applicants:

  1. Must be a Christian and have an adequate understanding of salvation.
  2. Must be 15 years of age or older
  3. Must be recommended by their Pastor
  4. Must complete the Volunteer & Staff Application
  5. Must attend the training session in March or May.


If you would like to work in any capacity during our camping program this year, please complete the application and mail to: Camp Administrator, Morganwood Camp, 146 Free Will Lane, Saltillo, MS 38866 by your training session.  All applicants are asked to attend the training session. See dates below.


Requirements for Adult Applicants:

  1. Must not be Camper age (ie not a graduating high school senior).
  2. Must be a Christian and have an adequate understanding of salvation.
  3. Must be recommended by their Pastor
  4. Must  complete the Volunteer & Staff Application
    5. All Staff must go through orientation as per MSDH requirements.

Training Session Dates
March 25th: 9am-1pm   -  VOLUNTEER & STAFF Orientation
May 13th:  9am-1pm   -  VOLUNTEER & STAFF Orientation

First Aid Training Opportunities To Be Announced as they become available.