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Camp Rules

& Important Information

  1. Campers will respect and follow the directions of the staff and counselors in classes, services, and activities.

  2. No one will leave the camp grounds without permission from the Camp Director and without filling out forms.

  3. All campers and counselors will attend all classes, services, evening programs, campfire, and group devotions.

  4. No campers are to be in the upstairs classrooms except for classes or accompanied by an adult.

  5. No campers are to be in the dorms without staff supervision.

  6. Everyone will be prompt at all meals and meetings unless excused by the director.

  7. After meals everyone will remain at the tables in the dining hall until dismissed.

  8. All sports equipment will be used as directed.

  9. No one will intentionally damage equipment, camp facilities, or natural surroundings.

  10. Campers, counselors, and staff members are responsible for their own clothing, bedding, luggage, money and personal belongings.

  11. This is a Christian camp and we will treat each other in a Christian manner. No one will be "picked on", made fun of or called names. No one will do pranks on those who are unwilling to be a part of the pranks.

  12. Pillow fights, water fights, and etc. will only involve those who are willing to be a part of them at a preset time a prescribed area.

  13. No tobacco products or alcoholic beverages of any form are allowed on the premises.

  14. We encourage a wholesome Christian relationship between boys and girls, but will not permit open displays of intimacy.

  15. All visitors are to sign the visitor log and identified with the camp staff.

  16. The telephone to be used by camp staff only.

  17. No cell phones, I-Pods, etc. are to be used during camp. These devices will be taken up and returned at the close of camp. No staff will allow campers to use cell phone without consent from Camp Director.

  18. The following dress code will be followed:           

    • Boys shall wear long pants (pulled up at the waist) and modest shirts or t-shirts

    • For services girls shall wear knee length, modest dresses or skirts, blouse or t-shirt (no undergarments showing).

    • No one is to come to breakfast in their sleepwear (Rise in time to get ready).

    • For recreation girls and boys shall wear loose fitting apparel at least knee length. NO SHORT SHORTS.

    • At the water slide, and other coed water activities, boys will wear shirts and girls will wear shirts and shorts over their bathing suit.

    • Boys and girls will be covered coming to and from the pool. [Boys will wear shirts and girls will wear shirts and shorts or conservative robe over their bathing suit].

19. Any complaints will be made to the Camp Director and his decision is final.


  1. Any camper of camp personnel who exhibits symptoms of a stomach virus or other contagious illness or condition (i.e. lice) will not be allowed to remain at the camp.

  2. Campers will be discretely quarantined until parents or guardians can be contacted to pick them up.

  3. Lice Policy: If a camper is found with live lice or nits at check-in or during the camp week, the camper will be sent home for treatment and allowed to return to camp with evidence of treatment performed (i.e. receipt for treatment products) and nits combed out. If nits are found at check-in or during the camp week and treatment has already been performed the camper may remain at camp if nits are removed. 


  1. ALL medications must be in their original pharmacy container and will be dispensed by the First Aid Supervisor or other designated health staff.

  2. Medications are to be contained in a zip lock bag with name and directions for dispensing medication.

  3. ALL medications will be dispensed as directed by the prescription.

  4. Records are be maintained of dispensing medication. A medication form will be signed by the parent or guardian when the medication is released when the camper leaves for home.

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