Morganwood Youth Camp

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About Us

Morganwood Youth Camp is located near Tupelo, MS.  It is owned and maintained by the Little Brown Creek and the Northeast Mississippi Associations of Free Will Baptists. It is one of the two Free Will Baptist Youth Camps located in the State of the Mississippi.  

Morganwood Free Will Baptist Youth Camp is liscensed to operate by the Mississippi State Department of Health.


Remembering Morganwood 

Submitted by Bro. Mike Daniels.
             I remember Morganwood Youth Camp as if it were yesterday.  Not just having fun, but the relationships and friends we gain over the years.  I've seen the effects of this particular camp in my life and exactly what it has been even unto this very moment, even unto the second generation, which is my daughter, Patricia Morgan Daniels. 

            Morganwood is an inspiration and a teaching tool for the glory of God.  In the beginning, I didn't know such a camp existed.  But there was a man named Bro. James B. Mills who introduced this place to my family, that has held my heart for all these years.

            I learned more about my God which is in Heaven, and I saw kids my age and older make life-long decisions to become preachers, Sunday School teachers, wives of God-called men, and singers for the glory of God.  

            Oh what a tool for the glory of God, and those things happened and were a part of my life.  I praise God in Heaven every day, and the men that God has used in my past and present.   May God always use the camp as a tool for future generation to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His glory.

            Praise God for men and women who give their time and money.  Because they realize what is at stake in these young people's lives.  A special thanks to Bro. Dennis Kizzire, Bro. Gore, and Bro. J. B. Mills, just to mention a few.  God bless everyone.  To God be the glory forever and forever.  Amen.


Sincerely yours,

Bro. Mike Daniels
Bro. Mike Daniels is a Deacon a Springdale Free Will Baptist Church.

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Our History

How Morganwood Came to Be

(Adapted from information provided by Rev. J.L. Gore, the first Camp Director at Morganwood)

In June of 1950 Mr. Aaron Morgan donated approximately 10 acres of land to the Free Will Baptist Youth Camp trustees (C. R. Hollis, L. E. Duncan, and J. T. Alexander). These trustees then named the camp "Morganwood" in honor of Mr. Morgan. This donation came about through the relationship of Mr. Morgan and Mr. L. E. Duncan of Tupelo Free Will Baptist church.    Tupelo Free Will Baptist church built a small covered picnic area (now known as the Pavilion).

A fund was soon established for the purpose of developing a youth camp on the property.  After a report of nothing being done toward the youth camp at a meeting of the Northeast Mississippi Association sometime in 1955, Rev. Joyce L. Gore gave impassioned plea for the establishment of a youth camp. Someone said, "Well, if Brother Joyce thinks we can have a camp this summer, I make the motion we elect him to do it!"  
Click here for Brother J.L. Gore's account about preparing for the first camp at Morganwood.
In the beginning there was nothing on the camp property except the small picnic area so a home mission tent and set it up on the camp. Old benches were hauled from the Priceville Free Will Baptist church for seating.  Information was sent to all the Northeast Free Will Baptist churches that there was going to be a camp held at the Free Will Baptist Youth camp.
The services were conducted under the tent and classes out under the trees.    The camp continued for some years meeting on the camp grounds with no dorms. Campers would stay in homes of people in the Tupelo area and come up to the camp during the day. Sack lunches would be prepared. Later the Youth Camp Board took a step of faith and borrowed money to build the dorms, a kitchen, and the old tabernacle with restrooms and showers. Sometime later showers and restrooms were added to the dorms.

(Submitted by Rev. Dennis Kizzire, present Camp Administrator)

The camp continued much the same until the late 1990's when the camp was revived and a large donation in honor of Joyce Atwell made it possible to remodel, heat and cool the dorms, and build a new conference center with a kitchen. Since the renovation, a number of improvements have been made: vinyl siding, drainage projects, a new deck at the activities building, new bunks, new mattresses, water coolers for the dorms, a new sound & video system, a waterslide, new basketball goals and in 2007 a in-ground swimming pool was installed by Voyles Pool Company.

The current administrator, Rev. Dennis Kizzire, has led the Camp Board (members from Little Brown Association and Northeast Association) to another five year plan that involves the expansion of dorms, a pool house, bonfire pit area, grounds improvement along with numerous other projects.