Morganwood Youth Camp

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Our Facilities

In recent years the staff and volunteers have strived to continuously improve the facilities of Morganwood Free Will Baptist Youth Camp.  Each year we have looked for ways to better the image and functionality of the camp which has not only directed young people's lives toward the service of our Lord, but also built life long friendships and created warm memories.

Conference & Activity Building

The Activities Building is the heart of camp life at Morganwood.  It includes a kitchen and serves as Chapel, Mess Hall, Learning Center, indoor game area, etc.  Campers usually assemble on the deck each morning of camp to raise the flags and say pledges before starting the camp day.


Every evening campers participate in worship services, which are usually held in the activities building.  The building is equipped with sound and projector systems to aid in the services.

Mess Hall

Campers also eat their meals in the activities building.  There are several standard tables and four cafeteria style fold out tables available for use during meals.


The cooking is also done in the activities building.  There is a commecially equipped kitchen and serving area located on the main floor.


There are two classrooms located upstairs.


Being the first actual structure built at Morganwood Camp, the Pavilion formerly served as the Camp Chapel. Now it serves as a recreation area which has a variety of games such as ping pong and foosball tables and also houses the Canteen and First Aid Station.


Sometimes you just get a craving for sodas and candybars.  Not a problem for our canteen.  Campers are given designated times of the day to go to the canteen where they can make purchases from a variety of sodas, chips, candybars, popsicles, etc.  They can even purchase souvenirs to remember week at Morganwood Camp.


This is also a good place to note that campers do not carry cash on their person during our camps in June, and cash is not accepted at the canteen.  At check-in campers or parents of campers may purchase canteen cards which are used for canteen purchases.  Any money the camper does not use by the end of the week will be returned to the camper at check out. 

Swimming Pool

The dimensions of the pool are 20' X 44'.  There is a 10 foot deck on each side of the pool. It is 3 feet deep at the shallow end and 6 feet at its deepest.  It is surrounded by a six foot chain link fence and concealed with an wooden privacy blind.  


For expediency an outdoor shower station is available to rinse off any dirt or grass before entering the pool to aid in keeping it clean.  We urge pool users to not use the same swimwear they used on the slide in the pool.


This slide winds through the woods to a big dip below.  Big blue it has proven to be an enjoyable addition to the camp expirience.